10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Christina

  1. Happy birthday Sunshine! As Gramma would have said,” You have always been the apple of my eye”. I love you. Aunt Lolly and Uncle Ralph

  2. Happy birthday. What creek are you wading in. Is that boy Steve? The moral of this story is never let your brother pick out you pictures.They are very cute, I you did a good job Lloyd and you got to embarrass your sister at the same time.”O Happy days”

    • If you took the first picture, where was it taken? The water looks muddy. Was it after a big rain? Was it on the farm? I am thinking it was in the creek down by the gate but it don’t usually have that much water unless it has just rained. I have some pictures of Christina and lloyd in that creek about 8 years later. I love that creek. We crossed it every day to go to school and then we walked along the creek of about 4 blocks or more.

      • It was down at the creek. I was holding up my dress because we were getting ready to go through an area where the water was going to be deep (at least to me, I had short legs back then!)

        Thanks Julie! I have spend a good part of my life trying to hide this picture from my brother!

      • It was between the first waterfall and before the gate to the 2nd waterfall. There were several great pictures from that day. I must have bought a new camera and took Tina and Steve walking down by the creek to take pictures. Another one that I remember is the two of them walking in the wide shallow part of the creek past the gate towards the 2nd waterfall. I have no idea where those pictures are they were from so long ago and so many moves ago before I was more organized than I am now (which is not very!) I must have had doubles made and gave them to her or Aunt Jane. That picture kind of reminds me of Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher! One thing is for sure…she was NOY going to get her dress wet!!! hahaha such a sweet memory!

  3. Happy Birthday! You were always fun to photograph and Cleo is right, I never saw a bad picture of you. Yes, the boy is Steve. He will always be that cute little boy to me. Love Mom

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