Uncle Ralph having surgery

Aunt Lolly sent this to me yesterday:

Please pray for Ralph, He fell on the ice, the day of the great blizzard, and broke his leg right below the artificial right knee, that he was going to have replaced at the end of the month. It is a very bad break. His doctor sent him to the University of Missouri hospital in Columbia. where he will be having surgery tomorrow (Monday). He is not in a lot of pain they are keeping that under control.

Love you all.

Aunt Lolly

My mom tells me that there is more to the story. Maybe someone can fill the rest of us in…

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  1. I may not get it all right, but here’s a bit more info: Grandpa fell early on Tuesday and because of the storm could not get to a doctor until late on Wednesday. He has been in the hospital pretty much ever since. They put on one cast, but there was lots of swelling and pain. The DRs didn’t think they could do the knee replacement surgery until the bone had healed, but the surgery today is to take are of the replacement as well as the broken bone (I think.) I am sure that Danny or Lolly can add more, but this give you a little bit more of the story. We talked to Grandpa on Saturday and he seemed in good spirits, although he is greatly disappointed in the TV and channel selections at the hospital. 🙂 (BTW, I think it would be very fitting to pray for Grandma Lolly during this time too.) 🙂

  2. Update: I just spoke to Ralph – surgery is done. They only fixed the broken bone. They had to bolt some of the bone together and fuse together other parts. Surgery took about an hour. Ralph’s comment to me was this: “They gave me a spinal like they do for pregnant women. But they assured me I would not have the same outcome.” You gotta love Grandpa’s sense of humor. 🙂

  3. Aunt Jane we are so sorry to hear about your brother, I just heard about it late last night. We will all remember you and your family in our prayers.

    On Tuesday morning, Dad went to the farm (right by our house) and was guiding the driver of the feed truck to get to a feeder to put some feed in it for his calves. He did this after I had went to work. He had ordered the feed early on Monday but the feed mill was so far behind on their delivers that they couldn’t get to it on Monday. I told Dad several times and at least once pretty strongly not to go over to the farm that I would take care of it. Parents, they just don’t listen do they? We had a good layer of ice underneath the snow that was falling so quickly. He stopped at the top of the lane, by the blacktop and got out of the car to flag the driver down when he slipped and fell on his leg with it bent underneath him. It was the leg that was supposed to be replaced in March.

    When I finally got home the roads were to bad to take him to the hospital. It was snowing so hard you couldn’t even see where the road was. I know some of you know what I’m talking about—it was as bad as I’ve ever seen it. We did get 20 inches of snow, but what Dad slipped on was the ice under the snow. After he fell he pulled himself back to the car through the snow and got up but couldn’t get his broken leg into the car. It wasn’t that far but I’m sure it seemed to him like a long–long time and distance. The driver helped him get his leg up into the car and him into the car and then followed Dad home to unload the rest of the feed at Mom and Dads house. The driver then helped Dad out of the car by picking his leg up and putting it out of the car. I’m not sure how he got in the house. I told him that when they operate on him that him should just put a stick in his mouth to bite on for the pain and take a big drink of whiskey, like they do in the westerns.

    The large bone in his leg (Tibula) was broken in 3 places and bone fragments. The small bone in his leg (Fibula) was also broke. He had 7 screws and at least 1 pin in his leg. He did have an epidural, like Rachael said, I would have liked to heard him talking to the doctors while they were operating on him. Ha Ha. He will have to heal now for at least 6 weeks to 3 months before they can replace his knee again. It was replaced for the first time 12 years ago. His leg is in a soft cast and are using new techniques for him to heal.

    Are kidding me Tina!!!! —Dad having a cell phone. He didn’t even like the Garmin we got for him for Xmas—he says he has a built in Garmin in his head. Mom has the cell phone but never turns it on. Remember, I told him that I would take care of his calves and to stay in the house.

    If all goes well with his blood sugar and getting along ok he may get to come home Thurs or Friday. They are going to help teach him how he can help himself when he goes home..

    Thanks for all your prayers and calls.. We will keep you all posted. Danny

  4. Well, I remember what he told Grayson when Grayson hurt his finger. He took out his pocket knife and said “Here, let me cut it off and that will fix it.” Grayson looked pretty worried!!! I think Ralph, maybe they should just cut your leg off???!!!! NOOOOoooooooooooooooo ha ha couldn’t resist getting this in……..

  5. Hi All,

    I wish you would have seen the look on Dads face when Mom took the clothes out of the bag for Dad to put on before leaving the hospital. The undershirt was one that Pete had given to Dad and it had something about being a John Kerry supporter on it… That was priceless…

  6. Many Many More Prayers for our dear Uncle Ralph, and the Holy Unction of Isaiah 40: 29-31, Amen!

    Since last year, I thought my own heart/ diabetic related neuropathy would never allow me to walk normally ever again, let alone jog or even think of running! I thought as some medical staff explained that the nerve damage could be too permanent and too far advanced – Well, although I’m unable and God is more than able (read above Scripture, again-pls) as of Valentines Day 2011 my Cardiologists at the St. Louis VA (the best!!) reviewed all my latest imaging and concluded my heart has been FULLY restored to its pumping capacity and yesterday I was doing some jog-running during a self directed 5-miler (yeah, i needed a granola bar!). Thanks to everyone’s prayers changing things for me !!
    The same’s gonna happen for your Dad, cuz!

    Thank You cuz Dan for the details, and I hear ya loud and clear about parents, cell phones and GPS’s !

    Mary & my cell phones have phonebook entries labeled as “I.C.E. _(name)___” for everyone that deserves an “In Case of Emergency” call notification and to help all first responders whomever God choses to dispatch at that moment.

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