Uncle Vernon’s Story (part 5)

No children were born on the second place (Ivan place) or the 3rd place (Aunt Dora and Uncle Theodore’s Honey Creek farm).  While at the second place, we had no team of horses to farm with, so Daddy worked for Uncle Theodore.  When Mom’s folks passed away, Uncle Henry and Aunt Nora purchased the farm so the folks had a little inheritance to spend, so they got a team of mules (Bert and Tuck) and I don’t know what else except that Bud and Felix each got a coat which I wore both when they fit me and also Mahlon.  I don’t know if they lasted for Lloyd or not.  We were able to do a little farming then after we got the team of mules.

We didn’t have a car. Uncle Henry Heymeyer took care of that problem for us.  I started school while at the third place. I was four years old and we had to walk across the Honey Creek to get to Pleasant Valley School, so Daddy built a foot bridge across the Honey Creek so we could get to and from school when the Honey Creek was up.

Both houses on the Ivan place had slave quarters. Where we lived, it was the concrete kitchen and on the lower house where Ehrhardt’s lived there was a lean to on the lower side of the house that they used for a chicken house.  Ehrhardt’s had a battery powered radio and sometime at night we would walk down to their house to listen to the radio. There was a large circle of people around the radio. But the volume was so low that no one could hear much of anything

I don’t remember about the move from the Ivan place to Ehrhardt’s Honey Creek farm.  I don’t know if the mules were purchased while on the Ivan place or when we got to Honey Creek. Daddy was able to do a little farming there with the team of mules.  When Ehrhardt’s lost the two Ivan places, they moved back to their Honey Creek farm where we lived and we moved to the Relius Beck farm.  While at the Beck farm, Daddy purchased a model T-Ford truck of $25.00.  It was while there, that Elizabeth was confirmed and graduated from grade school and went to Jefferson City to go to high school.  She lived with August and Frieda Beck who a very good job at the printing plant that did the state of Missouri’s printing.

Also, while there Mahlon Lee Otto Hink Gladys Sommerer was born.  He was born and baptized in the Beck log cabin.  We were butchering and Pastor Bultman came and did it while we stopped for lunch.  Otto Tichelkamp and Hink Beck were there. I got to stay home from school to help butcher.  The Beck house (or cabin) was two log bins joined with sheds on one side. The lower bin had a cellar under it and the upper bin had a crawl space where a skunk took up residence.  That was quite smelly and exciting, so when Mahlon was born, I said that Daddy bought Mom a little skunk…ha!

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  1. I wish I had gotten such a fancy name when I was born…just plain Naomi Joan…named after nobody. Mahlon Lee Otto Hink Gladys Sommerer is much more delightful name!

  2. So the first 7 children were born at the first place. The first place being the farm that our father was born and raised. This farm house is still standing and is being used. It is lived in by Uncle Bill and Aunt Yetta’s Grandsons. Mahlon was born at the Relius Beck farm, Myself and Lolly were born at Schuberts , Naomi was born at Selma’s place in Honey Creek and Lloyd was born At Henley on the farm where he now lives. I enjoy these writings from vernon and Mahlon and Wish we could get some from Margie. Thanks everyone who makes this possible.

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