Photo Friday – postcard from Uncle Vernon

Here’s a postcard from Uncle Vernon. It was sent in by Anne Miller.

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Addressed to:
Mr + Mrs A. M. Sommerer, Henley, MO
Hot Sulphur Springs, COLO Aug 2?, 1965 ?AM
Mon, eve
Dear Folks; Having a good time. We spent about 3 hours with Mahlons Sat. Sunday we went to church in Salina K. + then on to Bolder C. that eve. We called some relatives of Florences at Bolder + they took us up on top of Flagstaff Mt. which is at Bolder then we had a late eve. snack at their house + they took us back to Holiday inn. today we came over trail Ridge road + now we are at sulphur springs C. tomorrow we hope to make it to Jackson Wyoming. this was a beautiful drive today we had a sleet storm on top of mt. + was it cold + windy I had on 2 coats + 2 pair of trousers  Love Vernon

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday – postcard from Uncle Vernon

  1. Thanks for including the date. I couldn’t make it out. I am guessing that Mahlon was living in that house that had a bed extended down from the ceiling and all the rooms were painted beautiful colors. I think it was Lake Latawana (Not sure how to spell it.)Mary Jane commented on the bed on this web site before. What I remember Was how he painted the whole house and the beautiful colors he used. I was also impressed with the bed on the ceiling.

  2. By this time we were living in a house at C-67. The first house only had two bedrooms so I hung a bed from the ceiling to accommodate us all. C-67 had more room.

    Salina k is probably Salina Kansas…

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