Photo Friday – postcard from Grandma

Here’s another postcard sent in by Anne Miller.  This one if from Grandma…

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Addressed to:
Naomi Cleo & Julie Sommerer
Washington, DC Aug 7, 1960, 10:30PM
Write air mail
Dear all. We spent this Sat PM out here and I sure wish you could all see this place. Elizabeth is figuring on Cleo + Julie for Christmas, she has her tree already picked out across the street. ha ha. We got here Friday at 3:30. Had a nice trip + enjoyed every minute of it. It rained a  lot here + stormed last night. Be sure + write even if about nothing else but the weather (like Betty) Have you seen Lloyd Nothing you say except sickness or death will make me come sooner than I intend to. ha Hope you are all OK. Write air mail  Mom

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday – postcard from Grandma

  1. Hummm. I wonder if “Betty” is my friend Betty Englebrecht Schulte. I can’t think who else it might be. I don’t know what the weather reference is about…

  2. Thank you Anna for sending this penny post card to the Sommerer web site for us to see. I don’t remember this card. I wonder how much the postage was on a penny post card in 1960. Isn’t it nice to hear how much they enjoyed this trip. I remember worrying about Lloyd but I don’t remember going out there to help him. Lloyd tell us about when you was home alone on the farm and what shenanigan you pulled. Was Lloyd still in school?

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