Photo Friday – postcard from Grandma

Here’s another postcard from Grandma & Grandpa’s trip to see Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Justin. The postcard was sent in by Anne Miller.

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Addressed to:
Mr. + Mrs. Erhardt Sommerer
Washington, DC, Aug 7, 1960, 9:30PM
Dear all. We got to DC Friday at 3:30 Visited with Sis stayed a night at Vernon’s. One night at Marj + Eds. 2 nights at motel and Today we were at Mt. Vernon. This is a really nice place to see just like he had it when he lived here. I mean Washington. The crops are wonderful through Illinois + Indiana nothing but corn, beans, alfalfa + clover on either side the highway as far as your eyes could see most places. Well Elizabeth has sweet corn + all trimmings ready for supper. I hope you are all fine as this leaves us.   Mom

6 thoughts on “Photo Friday – postcard from Grandma

  1. How long did Mother and Daddy stay out in Washington? Did they fly home or did they come by train? We were not living here at that time. so I don’t remember.

    • I just read the card addressed to Bud and Alma sommerer.It seems that this trip happened in 1960.I am now wondering how they got to Washington DC. If they stopped at all these places on the way out there, they must have been going by car. So who drove them out there.Did they go back with Justin and Elizabeth? I wonder if Vernon or Margie can clear this up. It upsets me that I cant remember these things. I am thinking maybe Lloyd knowes the answers. Come on Lloyd help me remember.

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