Aunt Naomi’s Story (part 6)

We had to really take care of our clothes. I can remember darning my socks over and over again so I wouldn’t have to wear a sock with a hole in the back. It was easy to darn but never very comfortable to wear. I was really lucky when I was in junior high & high school. I got a lot of hand-me-downs. One time I had 20 pair of hand-me-down shoes. I thought I was rich! I always had plenty of clothes from my older sisters. What I didn’t have and needed, I made. The popular cologne of the time was “Evening in Paris.” It came in a dark blue bottle. I wish I could find some today like that. It was not expensive and it smelled wonderful. When I first started wearing makeup, I didn’t have an eyebrow pencil, so I blackened my eyebrows with a burnt matchstick. This actually worked pretty good. I overdid it one time, and Lolly and Cleo complained to mom that I had too much matchstick on my brows so I think she made me take some of it off. Maybe I was trying to get that Joan Crawford look. I had hand me down lipsticks, and things like that, but I brought my eyelash makeup. It was in a little plastic box with a tiny brush that looked like a jewelry cleaning brush. I was always fascinated with trying to look pretty. Most girls my age were not interested in makeup that much.

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  1. My sisters gave me some, I had a few and one time Aunt Florence brought a whole big box of shoes she didn’t want home to us. I can’t remember the reason why, but I was the one who got most of them. I wore some of them to 4-H camp that summer and they were a little big, but they did fine and I thought I was really something to have all those shoes.

  2. Just FYI- your favorite perfume is available again!
    “Released in 1929 was Soir de Paris, also known as Evening in Paris. Previously owned by Chanel, this fragrance was reformulated in 1992 by Chanel’s leading perfumers. The result was a sweet, smooth, creamy, slightly wood based fragrance known as “The Most Popular Fragrance in the World.” You can find it online at Vermont Country Store or Amazon for around $49.
    Thought you might enjoy having some of your favorite scent again. Perhaps a nice Valentine’s gift for yourself?!

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