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    • I couldn’t find any information about nine-pointers or blue-ribbon families. I think it must be something like points on a buck. Does anyone know? Is it in that book?

  1. I think it had to do with, If a child had all his immunization up to date, his hearing checked, is teeth looked after, ect. he was considered to be a 9 pointer. That child could then march in the health parade, which was a big thing back in the days gone by. The health nurse from Jeff. would come to our school maybe several times a year, to check each one of us over, to see if we needed dental work or eye glasses. She would talk to us about things to do to keep us healthy. Each morning after we said the pledge of allegiance, the teacher would walk up and down the rows of desk, to check each of the childrens teeth, hands, faces, fingernails, to see in we were clean, We had to have a handkerchief on our desk. If we passed this inspection. we were given a good grade for the day. Before we had tooth brushes, we had to clean our teeth with our fingers dipped in baking soda. Mahlon bought us each a tooth brush when he came home on furlow from the service, That was the first one I remember having, also he bought us each toothpaste. That was a really wonderful thing. I was probabley 11 years old. It is no wonder we all had such bad teeth. Love you all.

  2. Aunt Elizabeth, uncle Bud, and Aunt Margie look a lot like they did as adults! I think this is one of the very few pictures I’ve seen of Lillian as a child! Elizabeth and Lillian look so different!!! I guess one took after grandpa and the other took after grandma!

  3. look at their dresses. They are all made out of the same material! Makes me think of little house on the prairie or the Waltons when the mom goes to the store and buys a bolt of material and makes everything out of that material!

    • No, Mom went to the feed store with Dad to get the feed. She picked out the pattern on the feed sack for material to use.

      I know it for a fact because when I went into the service in 1950 I wore the prettiest boxer shorts. Margie them for me a year or so before. All the guys admired my shorts. I still wore them.

    • When your aunt Bea went to town to work she didn’t want to be called Beatrice ( which was what we called Her) Our father didn’t believe in nick names. She told people her name was Anna and that is the name she was known by with people who she worked with and newly made friends at home she was Beatrice until she got older and then some people started calling her Bea. I still think of her as Beatrice. Her official name is Anna Beatrice Sommerer Putnam… hate spell check it always tells me that Sommerer is wrong

  4. Anna Beatrice (Bea) made me a feedsack dress. The way she sewed it up, it had a pig in the pocket (from the feedsack logo stamp). I loved that dress. I wish I still had it.

  5. Dad says they put chicken feed in the feed sacks. They bought the brand in material sacks not paper or gunny sacks. What a cute thing, a pig in a pocket. The other kids must have made over that dress.

  6. I cant figure out how to post under prayer requests. Would like your prayers for safe travel for Shawn who is flying overseas tomorrow at 2:45.
    He is going to spend Christmas and new years with Scott in England.

  7. This is totally groovy (60s)ha! I have a Blue Star mother-in-law, boy that just puts me way up on some list.
    This has been a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon 🙂 Thanks ya all

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