Photo Friday -Postcard from Grandma & Grandpa

Anne Miller sent in some post cards that Grandma & Grandpa sent back from when they went out to visit Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Justin while they were living in Washington D.C. She even went to the trouble of transcribing them for us. Thanks Anne.

Addressed to:
Miss Naomi Sommerer, 319 Miller St Jefferson City, MO
Washington, DC Aug 9, 1960 11 PM
Write + tell us how Lloyd is. Keep these cards for us
We sat on that center seat Monday the 8 + Kenny took our pictures. This is all marble the grounds 446? acres is covered with white stones marking the graves of soldiers. we also went to Washington Monument and Gen Grant’s home. Today we were to the Smithsonian Institute or museum we got too tired + will go back tomorrow. How are you all you have not written a word how is home and everyone send your letters air mail. We wanted to see the White House today but there were 2000 people ahead of us so will got tomorrow.  Mom

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  1. Someone took off the stamp! I was looking for the tac hole from being Hung on the devider. I guess it was to early for that. The devider was grandma’s message center!

    • Anna , thank you. That made my day. I wanted to say that I lived in 3 different apartments that I rented from Tom strong on E. Miller Street. I also rented a apartment from Julius Heisinger that was about 4 houses down the street in the same block. That was the last place I lived before I built my house, With the help of Tom Strong and Elmer Goldhammer. I loved that place and I think Julie did too. It had 2 large rooms and a bath and a porch and a yard. Julius Heisinger and wife and Tom Strong and wife and Elmer Goldhammerand wife were angels in disguise I think. Elmer Goldhammers wife was the one who took Tom Strongs origional plans and drew up my house plan from the origional one. Naomi lived with Lolly and I (before Lolly got married)At the last apartment I rented from Tom Strong. I dont really remember but she said she did. Lolly would remember.That was When I got my job back and came back to town with Julie.She was a baby. The apartment at 319 Miller street is the one I rented from Tom Strong that we all loved so much, where mother addressed this letter to Naomi.

      • I am so sorry I made a big blooper. I ment to say the house at 319 Miller street was rented from Julius Heisinger and wife. I can’t remember her name now. I paid 35 dollars a month to live there. That was how I was able to save money for the house. The new expressway had been built and Central Trust Bank went up across the street. I knew I had to get out of there when Julie started school because of the expressway. Tom Strongs wife ask me if I made any difference which Lutheran church I went to. She said they owned a lot out by the Faith Lutheran church,and that is how I come to be living here. We moved in to the house right before school started when Julie went to kindergarten to west school

  2. I am glad to see the address of where Cleo lived when I stayed with her in the summer (I was working in Jeff City and going to MU at the time) and I fondly remember that cute apartment.

  3. I remember that place !!! The first room was a kitchen / living room combination. the 2nd room was a big bedroom. Then there was a bathroom. The front of the house was Mr Heisinger’s office. We entered from the side. There was a nice covered porch too. I remember sitting in the bathroom on my potty chair when I found out what Aunt Lolly was thinking about naming her baby; and was singing the Davey Crocket song! I was so glad he would be named after someone I knew!haha

  4. Lloyd was home taking care of the farm. Maybe when he gets home he can tell that story. Elizabeth was a very good tour guide. She had a tour all planned out for Cleo,Julie, Lloyd and I. I’m sure she gave Grandma and Grandpa a wonderful tour of Washington, D.C.

    • He wasn’t that young when Mother and father went to Washington DC, but I was 4 when i ran the farm, all by myself( that’s my coon hunting in the Labrador story.

  5. I always looked at my parents as being old. But they weren’t that old. In 1940 Mom would have been 42 years old. After someone in Adolph Probst’s family got married we were at their house about where Trinklines is now and those crazy old people were out there doing the old hoe down square dance. You can’t leave any grass growing under your feet when you do that. Maybe they really weren’t so old after all.

    Lillian was right they were good dancers. She had 14 years before I was born. She had some good years before the depression hit.

    Lloyd was seven years old when I went into the service. Dad had him drive the tractor because Dad didn’t know how to do it. Didn’t know where to beat the tractor if it went wrong.

  6. Not too much ever went wrong with that brand new Allis Chalmers tractor! ha ha Dady would spend hours working on it for some reason, mostly when it was milking time. I never could figure that out. He took good care of it. I was the first one to get to drive the tractor after they unloaded it in the barn lot. It was beautiful! I climbed on the tractor, and the guy said, do you want to learn how to drive it? I said yes! He showed me all the gears and what to do. Mother and Dady didn’t holler at me and tell me to get down, so I did what the man said and drove around the barn yard. It was wonderful! After that Daddy would let me drive once in a while. I was between 13 and 14 years old I think.
    I will never forget the first time we saw Mother and Dady dance. It was at a 4-H party. Us kids just about fell through the floor. They were good!!! Wouldn’t It had been nice if they would have taught us to dance? The way Daddy always talked about dancing, we thought it was a grave sin!

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