Photo Friday -Who’s Who 1925 edition

My Mom, Aunt Jane, sent in this photo. It is another picture from Pearl Erhardt. Five points for each person in the photo that you can name.

Mathias Sommerer Jr & descendents 1925

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I think the back of this one is interesting too…

Okay, lets see if we can fill this in…

Put your mouse over the photo to see the numbers

  1. Viola Ehrhardt
  2. Dora (Sommerer) Erhardt
  3. Norma Ehrhardt
  4. .
  5. Yetta (Sommerer) Meier
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .
  9. .
  10. Rosena Canora (Sommerer) Fischer
  11. Irma (Fischer) Metzner
  12. Herbert Ehrhardt
  13. Theodore Erhardt
  14. .
  15. Bill Meier
  16. Ernest Fischer
  17. Johann Mathias Sommerer, Jr
  18. Adolph Mathias Sommerer
  19. Theresa Appolonia (Ehrhardt) Sommerer
  20. Margaret (Sommerer) Keisler (not Kriessler?)

18 thoughts on “Photo Friday -Who’s Who 1925 edition

  1. No 2. Aunt Dora Sommerer Erhardt No. 5 is Aunt Yetta Sommerer Meier 10. Aunt Rosie Sommerer Fischer(husband Ernest Fischer) 20. Aunt Margaret Sommerer. 19. Theresa Ehrhardt Sommerer 20. Adolph Sommerer 17.Grandpa Sommerer. 16. Ernest Fischer 15. Uncle Bill Meier,13. Uncle Theodore Erhardt.

    • Pearl wouldn’t have been born yet. One should be Viola and one Herbert and one should be Norma. Pearl was in the same grade as Margie and I dont think Margie is on that picture.

  2. These people are mentioned in grandmas diary. It’s Good to put a name with a face. Could 4,6,and 8 be Elizabeth, Lillian and Buddy?

  3. Wow, that’s the same picture I put on Facebook Sommerer page. Number 16 is my grandfather Ernest Fischer and Number 10 is my grandmother Rosena Canora Sommerer. Next to her number 11 is Aunt Irma Fischer Metzner, who will be celebrating her 95th birthday in January.

    • Sheri can you tell the family about Aunt Rosie and Aunt Margaret and how Aunt Margaret came to raise Aunt Rosies baby when she died. I believe that Irma is our oldest living relative.

      • Sorry Cleo, I just saw this.

        Yes, my grandmother Rosina “Rosie” Sommerer Fischer had 10 children. My father “Herbert John Fischer” was her second born. Rosie died after her last child, Rosina, was born. Since her 1/2 sister Margaret didn’t have any children and Grandpa Fischer has 9 other children to care for, they gave Rosina to Aunt Margart to raise. There are only 2 of the Fischer kids alive today: Aunt Irma Fischer Metzner (95 living in St. Louis, MO) and Uncle Ernie Fischer (unmarried and no children). He wa the youngest before Rosena. My grandmother Rosie, we believe had a blood condition called Protein C Dificiency, which probably caused her death by blood clot. It is passed on genetically. My son has it, I have it, I believe my dad had it and his mother Rosie and her mother Leona Ehrhardt before her. My dad died at 57 and I believe it was a blood clot.

  4. So, we’ve got all of the adults identified except for the mysterious #20. Anyone have a clue about the children? Does anyone know where this photo was taken?

    Also, was it just the thing to print the backs of photos so that they could be mailed like post cards back then?

  5. found this on the sommerer facebook site:

    Tim Ziegler: Theodore and Dorothea are my Grandparents. Norma Ehrhardt Ziegler is my Mother. In Theo’s arms is my uncle Herbert. standing next to Dora is my aunt Viola. Leaving the baby in Dora’s lap to be my mother Norma. Mom was born in June 1923, so I would say sometime in the fall?

    so # 1 is Viola and #3 is Norma Zigeler.

    • I am going to try this again. I messed up the last time. Aunt Margaret is number 20. Tim Ziegler has stepped up and helped out by naming his aunts and uncles and his Mother 1. Viola our cousin and his aunt, as Viola Ehrhardt who married Otto Tichelkamp. Number 3 is Tims mother and my double cousin Norma Erhardt Ziegler.She married Everett Ziegler.Number 12 is Herbert Ehrhardt. All of these people have passed away. Herberts Wife, Virigina is alive and well and lives at Honey Creek. Our mother and their father were brother and sister. Our Father and their Mother were brother and sister. We often refer to ourselves as double cousins

    • I am guessing but I think maybe Elizabeth is the dark haired girl number 4 and Lillian is number 6 and bud is number 8 and i don’t know about Felix maybe he is not born yet????

  6. Four has got to be Elizabeth, Looks just like Johnnie did when he was little, and six is Lillian, eight is Bud, and nine is Felix!

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