4 thoughts on “CSI: Honey Creek

  1. The plaid shirt guy could be Uncle Felix, but it could be the spouse of one of the sisters. There isn’t a picutre of the husbands and wives….

    The world may never know.

    • That’s right cuz, “plaid shirt guy” (in elvis costello specs) – is Scott(crew-cut boy in aquamarine polo shirt) and my Dad Felix. These pics are all circa 1965-1967 at the Honeycreek Family Reunions.

      Best Regards to All.

      (tall boy in yellow polo shirt)

      • Hi Mark it is good to hear from you. I want to comment on that picture in the window. Do you people see the same thing that I think I see? I see a person in the plaid shirt standing and lookin toward the right. Then i think I see a taller person in a white shirt to his right but standing close by him. Then I think I see a short persons arm and I think this has to be the arm of a third person ,a shorter boy standing in front of the person in the white shirt. comment please

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