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Dan Sommerer added this as a comment last week, but since not everyone sees every comment, I thought I would republish it so that more people would get a chance to see it. Thanks to everyone who has sent in Halloween pictures. If you haven’t yet, lets get on the ball…

If anyone is interested, our men’s group at Honey Creek has made a CD. It has 12 of the oldies but goodies favorite church hymns on it plus the Doxology –making 13 total. I think of standing in the kitchen at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s or at Heit’s Point singing the Doxology with you every time I hear it. Doug and Joseph are in the group playing the harmonica, fiddle and mandolin. I’m not sure why my brothers got all the instrument playing talent, but they did. Doug and Joe Joe do a great job. I sing lead and harmony. This CD was recorded in the church basement with some relatively inexpensive equipment but it still sounds good.

Denise just looked over my shoulder and told me not to write about the equipment, but it’s true. We have dedicated the CD to our friend Mitch Berendzen who was killed in July 2010 just before the national Lutheran youth gathering in New Orleans —he and his wife Betty are (were) youth leaders from Honey Creek. On the album back there is a picture of all the kids’ hands that went to the gathering and they were wearing bracelets made out of the flowers at his funeral. The profits from the sales of these videos are going to the new school building project at Honey Creek. Maybe the next CD will be giving to Calvary. If you are interested in a CD just let Lolly or me know and we can get you one. WE are asking for a donation of $13 to pay for the making of the CD cover and case as well as something for the school building.

Ralph got the first CD we sold, but paid $200 for his signed copy, copy number 1.

Just to update you. The Blessing/Consecration for the new Calvary High School building will be November 14th. Dedication will be later when we have more time to plan. We are going to try to move into and start using the school over Thanksgiving weekend. That’s a huge “Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow.” I can’t believe it’s happening. It still seems like we are still so far away—but it’s really happening. You all have been so supportive of this school from the very start, each of you in so many ways—BLESS YOU ALL!!!

I’ll keep you all posted.. Love to all.


You can find contact information for Danny or Aunt Lolly in the address book in the tools menu at the top of the page (you know, so you can order a CD). Actually, you could probably just put that you want one in the comments below too.

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  1. Dear Family, this CD is awesomely beautiful! The songs are 1. Over in the Glory Land, 2. In the Sweet By and By, 3. Where We’ll Never Grow Old, 4. What a Friend We Have in Jesus, 5. Standing at the Gate, 6.Where Could I Go but to the Lord, 7. The Old Rugged Cross, 8.On My Father’s Side, 9.Mansions Over the Hilltop, 10.The Dream, 11.Just A Little Talk With Jesus, 12.The Old Country Church, 13.The Doxology. These 13 guy’s would love to come to your church or school to do a concert. Danny thinks he doesn’t have any music talent, but he got this group of guys together, to become what they are. That’s a talent too.

  2. I purchased a CD and it is wonderful! I can sing along and harmonize with most of the songs if I want. They are ALL beautiful. I especially love, “On my Father’s Side.”!!! I highly recommend that everyone add it to their music collection. I hope they produce another CD very soon with more favorites!

  3. Thank you A.Naomi for the kind words. I really didn’t get all these guys together but its been fun singing while Joseph is playing his fiddle or mandolin and Doug is playing his harmonica. I often find myself listening when I’m supposed to be singing. Ha. I wish U. Felix could hear Doug playing. I bet he would get a big smile.

    We are so proud of you Joseph for getting your high honor. That is really something for a great young man at such an young age. You have set the bar high for John and Lia.

    Love and blessings to all this wonderful family.


    P.S. This family web site is very much appreciated, more than we can tell those of you that are responsible for it—-Lloyd Jr, Tina, Rach etc. and everyone.

  4. Get out and vote tomorrow, vote early and often. Lets try to make Pete somewhat unhappy about the results—Ha Ha

    Please do not vote yes on Prop B, If you read the entire Prop its really very little about Puppy Mills and a huge part about domestic animal agriculture and its regulation. The department of Ag in MO already has the authority to keep the bad puppy mills from occurring but it doesn’t have the money. Sorry for the speech but this group is playing on the heart strings of many people that don’t have a clue what is actually in the wording of the Proposition.


  5. So, are there any CDs left? Danny, if I send you a check, can you slip one to my mom for me?

    I used to try to tell people to make sure they voted. Then I decided that if someone was too dumb to know that they should vote, that I’m not really sure that I want them to vote anyway.

    So voting is very important, but if you don’t want to, or if you feel like you have something that’s more important to do, then I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

  6. Sam got three votes for St. Charles county assessor! (the voters were: him, me and a friend of mine from work.) I’ll completely die if he gets a call to come downtown for his new job.

  7. Pete I’ll trade you any ole hound that was raised in a puppy mill and I’ll give you Tony LaRussa. We don’t need him anymore. It is 12:27AM and we still don’t know if Prop B passed or failed. Looks like Obama got the change he was asking for tonight.

    Whitni wrote a cool English paper on the Sommerer Family. I enjoyed reading it because you never know what your kids think of the time we spend with our family at HP. From reading it tonight, I had a big lump in my throat—-its exactly what I would have said —that is if I were better at writing English papers. HaHa. Its good to see the younger Sommerers feel the same way about our huge loving family. Danny

  8. Hey Danny — Be sure to save a copy of that CD for us. We’ll buy one. I’d love to read Whitni’s English paper. You are quite a writer yourself. Maybe that’s where she gets it? Maybe she can email it to me. Or post it here on sommererfamily.com????

  9. Cousin Lloyd- I sent you the essay so get on that and post it! And Tina- I forgot to write about the jello shots… hahaha! hope dad doesn’t read this! And also, I forgot to write about my job in the Saturday morning breakfasts… Professional egg beater! Thanks Jim 🙂 Hope you all enjoy the essay… I had fun writing it! Whitni

  10. Lloyd that note was sent by Whitni—she has the patience of her mother and Grandmother Lolly. Ha Ha Don’t let her give you any trouble..

    • No I did not like those cookies. I only eat them when all the other cookies were gone.They tasted a little better when all the other cookies and candy were gone. Does anyone want a recipe for Aunt Maggie’s Liebe cookies(Lebkuchen)? I was setting here looking at the Loesch family genealogy and the recipe is here in front of me. It dont look to hard either.

      • I have a couple of recipes that Anne Miller sent in that I’ll be putting on the website “pretty soon”. If anyone else has recipes to send in, I’d be glad to get them up as well.

  11. They were so hard that if you dropped one of them they could break concrete. I cut some grass or something for my neighbor Virginia Erhardt, her husband Herbert is related to us. Grandpa’s brother lived with Herbert brother Johnny. Anyway—-after doing this duty for her, which I was glad to do, she wanted to pay me. I told her no! So instead she gave me some Lep cookies. They were very soft. Lep cookies were the only thing that Grandma cooked that I didn’t eat except for the chicken feet in the noodle soup. That’s another story—–

    Good night and Bless you all. danny

    • You crazy kids! Chicken feet were delicious. When you put chicken feet into boiling water, the skin and the toenails and every thing come off clean. You have a whole clean chicken foot. After you wash them , put them in a pot of water with salt and boil them. What ever you call this stuff that is on a chicken foot, it is really good. I wish I knew where to buy some chicken feet.

  12. My favorite sweets that grandma made: chocolate fudge, cornflake cookies, divinity candy. Anybody know how she made cornflake cookies? I been searching over the years for a recipe for them. They usually turn out soft. Hers were crunchy and hard (once again like the leb cookies)maybe it had something to do with she always put them in the freezer after she made them. I dont think they were in there long enough to get freezer burnt. I sure miss those cookies.

    • I don’t remember the corn flake cookies, but I loved the Lebkuchin cookies….they were my favorite! Especially since they were so dense that one of them filled you up for a long time!
      Julie – her cookies might have been crunchier because she cooked with gas instead of electric, or she might have left them in a little longer than what the recipe called for (who am I kidding, like Grandma ever used a recipe!)

  13. I would love to have Mothers divinity candy, and cornflake cookie recipe. They were my favorite also. I have never been able to make these as good as Mothers were. I did not like her leb cookies. They were made with molasses, and at an early age, I developed a real dislike of anything with molasses in it. I think it was because we had it by the gallons to eat! Several years ago, I decided to make all my Christmas cookies with real butter, I bought 15 lbs of butter, made my cookies, sugar,chocolate chip, peanut butter, and my candy. I was expecting them to be twice as good, since I used the butter. They were all hard as bricks when they cooled. I was shocked. That may be why Mothers sugar, and leb. cookies were so hard. All she had was butter to use. I went back to using oleo. Cleo is right, Chicken feet are delicious, they may not look good boiling in a pot of chicken noodle soup, but the flavor is awesome.

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