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Yet another porch photo. This is how I remember the porch at Grandma’s house. This was a picture from my mom, Aunt Jane. But I didn’t ask her who it was in the picture. I sort of assumed that it was Christina and me, but I’m not really sure about that. I think it was taken in about 1974.

porch 1974?

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And this one again just for comparison…

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  1. My eyes were drawn immediately to the patch on Lloyd’s pants. I’ll bet Mom did that. She was always patching the knees on pants. I like the long cane fishing poles behind Lloyd’s back. It looks like maybe he is going to take his little sister fishing.

    • After closer inspection of the picture, it looks to me that they have already gone fishing and that they are holding a fish between them. Thanks for bringing supper home, kids.

  2. Where do you think we went fishing? I don’t remember any of the fish down at the waterfall getting that big? Maybe the Boise Broule?

    • That is the cutest picture. I have one when Mother took Julie fishing. Julie was about 2 or 3. I wanted to sent it in but mother was not dressed very nice. but I wish you all could see it. She is setting on the steps of the cistern rock with fishing line and fish. I was surprised how big they were too. I don’t think Mother would go to the Boise Brule to fish, but she may have taken you to the pond if not the creek. Do you all notice Mother was using her trellis for her flowers to dry clothes on. I wish i could remember some of the things she had growing on that trellis over the years. At one time there was the seven sisters roses. There was something that she was very proud of for years. (What was it)I know Lolly and Naomi will remember. Was it grapes?

  3. Those are the cutest little dolls! I don’t mean the fish! Just the right size for to little fishermen. Love you both.

  4. Those a the cutest kids, and still are. Sam prob pulled the feathers out of the chicken and handed them to Tina just so she would get in trouble.

    Looks like Sparky has his/her dog house on the porch as well. I think Grandma called every dog I can remember having—Sparky.

    I don’t remember the Boise Buele but I do remember going to the Bob Ruelle creek.

    Has anyone heard from Pete since the election???

    • Be all called it the Bob Brooly, but the actual name was spelled Boise Brule on the sign for the creek down Rt H. We are definitely not french!

  5. In the Cole County Plat Book for the Clark Township, the spelling is “Boise Brule”. So Christina’s spelling is nearest to correct we’ve seen so far.

    • Hey Danny I do have too much time on my hands. My kid is raised and my grandkids are raised.Thank God for a very precious Great grand child. But to get back to the creek I will always think of it as Bob Brule. Danny You are in the best part of your life, with children to raise and Grandchildren to look forward to. It will be many years before you will have to much time on your hands.I am so glad you come on here and put your 2 cents worth in now and then. Let us hear from you often. Do you want me to investigate what happened to your cousin and my godson Peter?

    • Surprisingly enough, I’ve received 4 more pictures this evening. Actually, maybe that isn’t all that surprising. I don’t know why I would expect anyone else to be more on the ball than I am. After all, I haven’t actually done anything with the pictures yet.

  6. So adorable you two! I was told it was the Bob Rhulle too, and always wondered who he was! I remember the porch before it was boxed in, and rescuing a crying kitten through that long window in a rain storm.

    Who remembers when our aunts were in Sweet Adelines and used to sing in 4 part harmony while washing dishes?

    • They sang every time they were together…pretty much still do! My whole life my mom and I sang our hearts out when we go anywhere in the car.Any old song the whole way there! I dont think our old red Rambler (shown on the easter video) even had a radio!

  7. I remember the very first time I sang harmony (alto). It was to the song called “Long, Long, Ago” and Cleo and Lolly were teaching me to sing the harmony part. I was hooked on harmony from that point on. We sang washing dishes, hoeing corn, milking cows, shelling peas,hanging out clothes to dry, scrubbing floors, baking bread….singing was our salvation. Then, eons later when a Sweet Adeline group organized in Jeff Cy, Bea, Lolly, Cleo and I all were a part of the original group. Later, Lolly and Bea dropped out, but Cleo and I hung in there for many years (I’m not sure how many). I went to a men’s barbershop show just last night It was really good!

  8. Aunt Cleo is right Dan. Enjoy your children, they grow up to fast. We sure enjoyed those two dolls. She is looking at her big brother with so much admiration.

  9. I’m not sure that was a look of admiration or rather Jr. was fix’en to get his butt chewed on by his pretty little baby sister…. ha Ha

  10. This web site was a great idea. I miss all of you between visits. It helps make the time pass between July 4ths.

    We really did have a wonderful childhood. Don’t know if I would ever change anything.

    What was that game we all played at Grandma’s/Grandpa’s where you started at the top of the stairway and if you did something you could move down a step until you got to the bottom—whoever got to the bottom 1st was the winner???

    Do you all remember sitting on the back porch with Aunt Margie and Aunt Elizabeth and singing all the vacation bible school songs? “Ive got the Joy-Joy-Joy-Joy down in my heart”

  11. I remember pealing things (whatever was in season at the time like peaches or snipping the ends off green beans etc) in the kitchen sitting in front of the big floor to waist high radio. They liked to listen to a radio show called party line. Then later in the afternoon grandma watched General Hospital. We weren’t very fast and barely put a dent in the stuff that needed to be worked up, but I guess as long as we tried our best we never got fussed at for not being very productive. Now being a grandma myself I think they didn’t care how much we produced really, they let us feel like we were helping!

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