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I’m Escaping the New England cold and snow and coming to Missouri this Wednesday through Saturday, Y’all! Dad and I are thrilled to be going to see Uncle Mahlon and Aunt Mary Lynn over on the other side of the state.

The last time I was in a house of Uncle Mahlon’s was when I was probably 7 or so. Uncle Mahlon and Aunt Dorothy had a double bed mattress suspended by chains above their own bed, for the girls. Being an only child, I never got to sleep with any other warm wiggling bodies, much less in a bunk bed, so that was one of the thrills of my growing up.

Pete, and little baby Jimmy, had their own room, where I remember Peter had heads, skins, bones, and Indian artifacts spread around his room on the radiator. Such a “boy!” I liked that though. In fact, I liked everything about being with their family ~ and I am anxious to go see their world 50 years later. I will have my notepad going, collecting memoirs from our patriarch, Vernon.

Who has some questions you’d like me to ask? We’ve got 5 hours each way. War, gardening, barn construction, cheese peddling in Jeff City, pig neutering? It’ll be fun to get he and Mahlon together too. Hope I can write that fast. Better bring a tape recorder.

Oh, and I think we can forget Vernon for the website. He tried. He bought a computer for a dollar at a church tag sale, but when I told him he had to get internet service for $60+ a month, he didn’t speak — which is typical of Dad when he is thoroughly disgusted. Since my Mom was a wizz-bang typist and personal secretary for so many years, he said he always wanted just to be able to type his name. He never had tried. So he got his dollar’s worth — he got to type, and even though he doesn’t have internet, it showed up on the screen. He was thrilled.

I’ll take him to the library and show him the website, I promise, and I will stow away lots of pictures, as well as stories and mail them asap.

Can I be a favorite then?? I can hear Grandma disapproving of this somehow. She’d tell us to “play nice.”

Mary Jane

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    • That’s a good idea. There are lots of places that you can get free internet now. Since he doesn’t know how to use any computer right now, I would suggest an iPad. I don’t think that you can find anything that is easier to use or that is harder to mess-up.

      • or that is more ILloyd! but he would probably enjoy it and they are pretty reasonable. I was hoping Lloyd would come visit me more, since I bought a Mac, but alas, he does not like me…..sigh….

        • I think its a great idea. He just needs to be able to get on the internet with it and he can have the world at his fingertips! Since he’s retired he can set up a little schedule for himself to go to where there is an internet hot spot and set there and drink his coffee and surf the net every day! He goes to the VA to volunteer. Our VA has free internet I’m sure his does too. The other volunteers or office staff would be able to help him a little until he gets the hang of it. ( I know because I have had to ask strangers help me use my new phone!) We would enjoy his input. This way he wouldn’t have a monthly fee to worry about! (I wonder how he thinks we get on it? We all pay a monthly fee!!!) Well good luck. I hope Santa brings him an iPad!

  1. I was sort of hoping that Mary Jane would get Uncle Vernon to say something on the website while they were together. But I guess that just wasn’t in the cards. Oh well…

  2. Please someone tell us old people what an iPad is, what it can do, how much it cost. If it doesn’t have a monthly charge, can you work it the same way you do a computer? Is it a telephone? I bet I could tear it up, I can tear up most anything electronic. boo hoo

  3. We just had a wonderful visit with Vernon and Mary Jane. Many stories were told and yes we should have had a recorder going.

    Bet you didn’t know Mary Jane is a great cook? She brought the works and made us blueberry-walnut pancakes for breakfast. We slathered on the butter and soaked the whole thing in REAL maple syrup. We always wanted a live in cook.

    Did you know…Mary Jane is an outdoorsy person. Hiking, bugs, and mud. She gardens and is a prolific writer. She also takes wonderful photos. She is fearless!

    Peter you and your zip line have nothing to compare to Mary Jane’s stories. Better listen up.

    We really look forward to more visits. Who is next? Kathy & Loren have been here and now Mary Jane and Vernon.

    Now take this to heart and get to know your relatives. Everyone has such interesting stories to share.

    Through the work of Lloyd and Rachel and the rest of you this website has really made connections and strengthened family ties.Thank you.

  4. Yes, Uncle Mahlon, iUsedTo, but iM happy to say iDon’t anymore!

    Just got home from my great trip to see Dad, Uncle Mahlon and Aunt Marylynn. Debby, Alicia/James/Tristin and Jerry/Mary Edwards also stopped by, as a bonus! Dad/Vernon and Mahlon were like the two giggley roommates they once were, tellin’ tales and swapin’ lies till wee hours. What incredible hosts they are, and what a wonderland to visit and experience! Cousins, as we become empty nesters, lets go visiting one another! And yes, I play in mud, hike volcanos, love to edit, write, and cook!

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