Hickory Nut Tea Cakes

We’ve been passing around the idea of posting recipes for a while. Well, Anne Miller was the first person to actually do something about it, and I love what she did. She didn’t just send in the recipe, she sent in a picture of the recipe. I think it’s very interesting to look at the actual recipe that someone wrote out all those years ago. If you send in a recipe, please take a picture of it as well (or scan it) and send that in too.

Hickory Nut Tea Cakes “Moms” (I assume this means Great-Grandma Theresa)
2 c b sugar
1 c chop nuts
4 c flour
1 tsp soda
1 c butter or lard (yum! gotta love that!)
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp bak powder

350 degrees
12 min

20 thoughts on “Hickory Nut Tea Cakes

    • These were our favorite cookies that mother made. Be sure that you understand that the sugar is brown sugar. That is what is so special about them along with the hickory nuts. I am so happy to have this recipe. I have a nut cracker but I wouldn’t know where to get Hickory nuts. Thanks.

      • These cookies that mother made were referred to as Ice box cookies,or refrigator cookies, unless I am loosing my mind. The dough was put together and rolled into a log and put into the frig and when she wanted to bake them she would slice the dough off the roll. These cookies were so good and they were usually sort of in a square shape, more square then round. Mahlon are you going to make refrigator cookies for christmas? I want some.

  1. Nice touch on the scanned recipe card. And I LOVE the hand that is partially drawn. Any guess as to whose it is? It has to be a little person.

    I have to admit, when I first read the ingredients I misread: 1/2 tsp BLACK powder instead of Bak. powder. HeHe – baking those cakes would have created a big bang theory!

    • I’m not sure I’m eating your cookies anymore Rachel….I love you, but being with Sam has apparently made you dangerous!

    • I was thinking along the same lines as Tina…I would have put in in a loaf pan like you do banana bread!!! Good thing we have someone who remembers them as cookies…… wonder why she didn’t just call them cookies???

  2. I was thinking these were the ones that Mother formed in a roll,put wax paper around them and put is the ref. for a short time and then sliced thin and put on a cookie sheet, and baked. Cleo is that right?

  3. You know, the one thing that we are missing is a photo of the final product. That would be cool too.

    Okay, so we’re really missing two things. From now on, when you send in a recipe, please also include a sample.

    • Hi Naomi, I wrote you a note on Facebook this morning about Peggy Probst Heidbreder. I was wondering who her parents were. I have alot of Probsts and Propsts in my tree and a few Heidbreders, but I can’t find her. Would you mind giving me that info so I can update my files. Thanks so much, Sherie Fischer Krause (grandmother was Rosina Canora Sommerer).

      • Hi sherry. this is Cleo. I will sent you that info as soon as I can. Peggy is the step- grandaughter of Aunt Nora Ehrhardt. Aunt Nora Married Henry Hemeyer and he had a daughter named Dorothy(His daughter by first marriage)Dorothy Hemeyer married Clarence propst. Does this get you back on track ? if not just e-mail me .

  4. We did call them Ice box cookies. You can find ice box cookies in lots of cook books. I have tried a lot of them,but they didn’t taste as good as Mothers. Does anyone have Mothers corn flake cookie recipe? I liked them too. I couldn’t make those either.

  5. We have some hickory nuts. Mahlon says if he gets some cracked and picked out he’ll make some cookies. They really were special.

  6. My favorite was the chocolate chip cookies made with chips that weren’t chocolate cause they made Grandmas nose turn red. They were butter flavored.. ???

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