Halloween Costumes 2010

Here they are folks, in all their scary glory… Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

  1. Brittney Christina, Declan Rowland and someone else
  2. Declan & Paul Rowland
  3. Ian Miller
  4. Simon Miller & grandpa Kenny Williams
  5. Amelia Miller
  6. Haile & Brady Wheeler
  7. Lake, Lane & Logan Cary
  8. Tyler Sullivan
  9. Matthew Jones
  10. Katie Sommerer
  11. Declan Rowland
  12. Rachel Sommerer
  13. Sam Sommerer
  14. Sam Sommerer’s Pumpkin (Oh, he has time to carve a killer Jack-0-Lantern, but does he have time to comment on this website?)
  15. Anna & Gracen Sommerer
  16. Leah Sommerer
  17. John Sommerer

12 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes 2010

  1. I love ever one of these pictures! They are so precious. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I could not pick any for first place,because they are all good.

  2. I know, right? I thought I was the only one that thought my pop looked like Peter! Actually, he is dressed as “Super Papa”. If you look closely you will see he is wearing his uber fashionable “Never fear, Grandpa is here” t-shirt. In his off time he is a mild mannered, folk singer-songwriter.

  3. It helped a lot to be able to figure out who was who. Thanks. I liked all the pictures but oh Sam that is some pumpkin!

    Let’s all go to the renaissance next year. Declan will you escort another group of women around??

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