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Here’s one of those articles about the website rather than about the family that I feel compelled to write every so often. Just bear with me.

1) A couple of people contacted me asking what that big blank box was for at the top of the website, and offering suggestions of things that we could put there. It turns out that some versions of Internet Explorer had problems keeping things straight and wouldn’t show images there. Sam Sommerer sent in the image below pointing out that Internet Explorer was now giving error messages also. Well, to make a long story pretty much the same length (sorry Zeke), There were some plugins to our website that were interacting in ways that Internet Explorer couldn’t understand. After moving 194 Sommerer names to a new plugin (the one that shows you how you’re related to someone when you put your mouse over their name, like this: Alisha Bland), everything worked okay.  But if you’re still using Internet Explorer –and according to the website statistics 34% of you are– you might consider upgrading to a different browser (or at least the current version).

Not a great start

2) While I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the images, I updated some other plugins (to see if they were the problem) and managed to mess up the address book. It took a few emails for Julie to convince me that (a) she wasn’t crazy and (b) she could no longer get to the address book. The new plugin changed the way it decided who could look at the addresses, but that is fixed now too.

3) Finally, after talking with a half dozen people, we’ve decided to scale back the number of items we’re putting on the site each week. A few weeks ago we noticed that there were a lot more comments (we’re all about the comments) on the Photo Friday posts than on the other posts. Was that just because they were photos? Was it because people had three days to comment on it? We did some experimenting, and (although it looks like it was a little of both) decided to post every other day for a while.  I’d be interested in hearing what you guys think of that, so now you’ve got something to comment about even on this boring post.

4 thoughts on “Recent Website Changes

  1. I’m glad you do the teckie posts. It let us know that you are taking care of our website and doing thing to keep it running smoothly. I was getting error message about a stack overflow at line (some #) too!! I didnt write you about it because I just thought it my my computer or something, besides when I clicked ok it kept going ( sometimes I’d have to click ok several times! But then I downloaded chrome and so I use both now. chrome works best for the sommerer site.
    I have a question about the behind the sea
    ns stuff that goes on… how long should you wait to see a change that you submitted to the address book before you think it just got lost in space? Going on 2 weeks now
    I got a new fancy phone for my birthday!!! Greer bought me the HTC evo.
    So now I can check the site during my breaks and luch at work!!!

    • Well, it really depends on how busy people are. I think Rachel is doing the Addresses, but it might be Christina. They get the updates that people send in and eventually the changes get made.

      It wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to reply to update requests just to say that they received the updates and would, eventually get around to making the changes.

  2. Family, I am trying to get caught up and make corrections to addresses, anniversaries, etc. However, I have come across a glitch in my pc system that has left me without access to this info so I can’t edit at the moment. Captain Lloyd has been notified and I am confident that he will have the problem fixed in no time. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience and understanding.

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