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Boy, you mention that you don’t have any picture of the porch and they just start rolling in. Aunt Naomi sent in these two pictures last weekend. I scanned them in and sent them back to her. She even included a self addressed, stamped envelope. You didn’t have to do that Aunt Naomi, but it did make my job easier. With any luck they are safely back in her possession by now.

Grandma, Cletus Goetz and Uncle Mahlon Vernon (Click for a larger version)

Aunt Naomi (Click for a larger version)

Wow, these pictures bring a lot of questions to my mind. And since I’m doing the typing, I’m just going to go ahead and ask them:

  1. About when do you think each of these was taken?
  2. Is the porch in the process of being enclosed in the first picture?
  3. Is that the old Civil War rifle that was in what I have been calling The Grainery,  but what I have more recently heard referred to as the Tool Shed?
  4. Does that little dog next to Grandma have horns?

Okay, lets hear your questions… And hopefully some answers. Oh, Cletus Goetz lived here, right?

17 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. I think in the first picture the porch still had all of the screening…..Dad (Uncle Lloyd) said that the screening eventually fell off before they decided to enclose the area.

    You can see the support for the porch on the second picture…I wonder if they poored a partial foundation when they enclosed the area….I can’t remember if there is a solid concrete wall below that area or not…all I can picture is Grandma’s flowers and asparagus.

  2. The “dog horns” could be wood for the heating stoves. I think we piled it in that area of the porch. We piled the kitchen cooking stove split wood along the other wall (north/south shorter wall). Maybe the 2nd pic was taken around 1955 or 56ish? I don’t know how old Mahlon is in the 1st photo. And, I never, ever remember that dog. I don’t know if it might belong to Cletus?

  3. The porch,was like this when I graduated from High School in 1956. By the time Ralph and I were married in 1958, the porch was inclosed and bathroom added.

    • Dear family , I think you should know that Lolly was the one who supplied the money for the bathroom. Father did the work. and I guess Montgomery wards, where they purchased the fixtures installed them. I believe that Lolly said that Elizabeth contributed to this also. Lolly get on here and tell us all about. it Please

  4. Wow.Uncle Mahlon, Jimmy got your smile!. JIMMY LOOKED JUST LIKE YOU! And Andrew looks just like Jimmy! I love seeing family resemblances through the generations! It’s a real treat to see the previous generation as children since we weren’t there to see you then. These pictures are priceless…thanks to the contributors and Lloyd, the web master for sharing them with us.

  5. The rest of the story: Theresa Ehrhardt Sommerer, Vernon Paul Ernest Frank Sommerer and Johnny Cletes. Approx 1944. Henley, Mo

    • Well, you know you are probably right. Maybe that isn’t me after all. After examining that picture more closely I decided I was better looking. Besides that Mom wouldn’t let me have a gun until I was confirmed. I’d only be about 13 going on 14 in ’44.

  6. Vernon said yes, definitely that is him in the photo. Vernon was in Jeff Cy today with Wanda and while at Cleo’s he viewed some of the website. Lloyd treated his area siblings and Wanda to a fried chicken dinner at Steve’s. It was fun to discuss olden days and cuss and discuss things. Thanks again, Lloyd, and thanks Cleo for getting us hooligans together.

  7. I want to thank you too Cleo for all you do for us. You are a real gem! Thank you little brother for the delicious fried chicken dinner. Jane we missed you. Love you always. Lolly
    ps. I too thought it was Mahlon and Cletus.

  8. Cleo, I don’t remember anything about the bathroom, except that they wanted to get it done before our wedding, cause the wedding supper was held there at the house. I gave Mother money once in a while, she may have saved it and used it to built the bathroom. When I got out of high school, and got a good job, I remember buying them their first tv (for Christmas I think.) Daddy was sick in bed with a blood clot. I thought that would give them some enjoyment. Lloyd had to work so hard, to get all the work done by his self. That boy milked 14 or more cows morning and evening, I don’t know if Mother helped him or not, plus all the other work connected with the farm.

    • I remember Uncle Lloyd milking and us taking milk in those 10 gal milk cans to the cellar. I also remember the milk man coming and us hauling them back out of the cellar on a two wheeler to his truck. It sure seems as if I remember the bathroom getting completed. I SURE remember getting my baths in a washtub out in the yard.

  9. Hi, This is a quote from Beatrice. She said the little dog in the photo above was given to Lloyd, Sr. by Katie Propst. She is the mother of Dorothy Hemeyer’s husband (Clarence Propst).

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