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My mom emailed this photo to me. She said that it was from Aunt Cleo and that I had seen the photo before, because it sets in their living room, but she doubted that many people had seen it. Well, I don’t remember it, so I guess that makes one more person who hasn’t seen it.

Now that's a car!

Now that's a car! (click to largation)

Here’s what she sent about who’s who (I think from left to right): Johann Mathias Sommerer, Jr (Great grandpa), his children: Margarett (Maggy), Dorothea (Dora), Adolph (Grandpa) and Herbert (aka uncle Herbert).

It’s a problem figuring out how to label people in these pictures. Any generation that I pick to give relationships (Great grandpa for instance) is wrong for at least half of the people who are reading this. So I’ve been just giving the relationships from the “cousins” standpoint (sorry aunts, sorry second cousins). You’ll have to do your own translating. But it didn’t seem right to call “Great Uncle Herbert” that, when all I’ve ever heard him called in my life was “Uncle Herbert”.

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    • Yeah, I thought I had corrected that before, but I guess I didn’t. If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, I had Uncle Herbert listed as a nephew when I first wrote this, and never got around to actually changing it.

    • Aunt Rosie was married 1905 and Aunt Yetta was married 1911, father was married 1916, and Aunt Dora married 1918 and Aunt Margaret was married 1920. I am guessing that the picture was taken sometimes between 1911 and 1916.How old is that car? Does it look like a new car? My Idea is that the 2 oldest girls are married with families at the time the p icture was taken.

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