Mr. And Mrs. David Gregory Sullivan

You might recall that Heidi Locke (Heidi Lock-Sullivan now*) married David Sullivan a little bit ago. Heidi sent me photos after I pestered her for a while –she evidently had other things to do on her honeymoon. And then once she sent me some pictures, I promptly forgot to put them on the website. I’m sure she will make me feel bad about it in good time.

Best wishes, Heidi. And welcome to the family, David.

*I don’t actually know if it’s Lock-Sullivan. I was just guessing.

13 thoughts on “Mr. And Mrs. David Gregory Sullivan

  1. Welcome to our family David. We are looking forward to meeting you. Heidi and David we wish you God’s blessings, and a long and happy life together. You are a very beautiful bride Heidi. All our love, Aunt Lolly and Uncle Ralph

  2. Yes, congratulations to Heidi and David! I’ve so enjoyed the pictures on facebook, and the link to your wedding and honeymoon albums. Beautiful! I especially loved the “Sullivan 2010” drawn in the sand, and the wedding day picture of David and Heidi and Tyler. God’s blessings to this new family! And welcome, David and Tyler!

  3. You are a very striking couple. Blessings on your new life together. You know we will be able to fill your new husband in on all the good stuff at our summer—Sommerer time together at Heits Point. Ha Ha I bet you can’t wait!!!

    Does he smoke Swisher Sweet cigars and play the Ucayali. Hope that is spelled right—-spell check didn’t even know how to spell it..

  4. Thank you everyone!! We already have index cards of the family with name, photo, likes, dislikes, democrat or republican on the back. I test him daily. He has much to learn!

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