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Can you help find the email addresses of these people? We’ve been sending out weekly updates for about a month now, and already in that time we’ve had a few pieces of important news to share. I imagine that most of these people keep in touch in other ways, but it would still be nice to be able to reach everyone if the need should arise.

I’m trying to get email addresses first, because then it’s pretty simple to ask people for their other contact information. So if you know any of your son’s, daughter’s, cousin’s, nephew’s, niece’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, mom’s, dad’s, grandma’s or grandpa’s email addresses on the list below, would you please put it in a comment?

If you haven’t talked to one of these people in a while and want to give them a call to ask them, that would be okay with me. But you might want to bring it up toward the end of the conversation, so they don’t think that that’s the only reason that you called.

I know that some of these people might not have an email address, but please make sure that you check with them before you say that they don’t. Sometimes people leap into the 21st century late in life.

Wrong (old) email addresses

  • Ryan & Sarah Jones NOT sarmo87@yahoo.com
  • Glen & Randii Cary NOT randeecary@centurytel.net
  • Dave & Carolynn Jean Schlichmann NOT chdav@socket.net
  • Bill & Jane Putnam NOT janenbil@advertisnet.com
  • Jim & Sheri Sommerer NOT sherri@centramocardiology.com
  • Dave & Joni Sommerer NOT zaccess5@aol.com

No email addresses

  • Aunt Margie
  • Justin & Amanda Clutter
  • Chris & Melissa Ducos
  • Jerry & Mary Edwards
  • Samantha Edwards
  • Mathew Folkemer
  • Justin & Cassica Jobe
  • Courtney Knipp
  • Jason & Tina Kuegele
  • Ted Kuegele
  • Linda Lock (No Email)
  • Aunt Bea (No Email)
  • Matt Putnam (No Email)
  • Andy & Chandra Sommerer
  • Brad & Kristin Wehner
  • John & Lin Williams

I didn’t include anyone that we still have listed as living at home. You might look at the address book to see if any of your children or grandchildren should be listed separately from their parents now.

10 thoughts on “Missing in action

  1. Well, I heard a good story this past weekend from Dad. I may not have all the details correct, but I think that someone will correct the errors.

    We took Dad and Marylynn some apples that came offo of our trees. They thought that they were very good.

    Dad said that one time when he was living at home, someone let them pick the apples on their trees. Dad said that there was a wagon load. He said that they took them home and Grandpa had Uncle Vernon dig a hole to put them in. This was a hole as big as the wagon bed that was full of apples. I guess that Uncle Vernon borrowed a backhoe or a bulldozer from a neighbor as I do not remember Grandpa having one of these. Uncle Vernon then dug the hole and lined it with a tarp and straw, then he put the apples in there and put straw and another tarp on them before he covered them with dirt. I do not know how the bulldozer did not squarsh the apples or how many bales of straw Uncle Vernon used. But, however, they had apples all winter just by reaching in the end of the pit by moving the straw bales out of the way and getting however many apples they wanted.

  2. HI all, I love to read the stories, thank you LLoyd Jr. and everyone else for doing this web site.. Blessings to all, Danny

  3. If anyone is interested. Our mens group at Honey Creek has made a CD. It has 12 of the oldy but goody favorite church hymns on it plus the Doxology–making 13 total. I think of standing in the kitchen at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s or at HP singing the Doxology with you every time I here it. Doug and Joseph are in the group playing the harmonica, fiddle and mandolin. I’m not sure why my brothers got all the instrument playing talent but they did. Doug and Joe Joe do a great job. I sing lead and harmony. This CD was recorded in the church basement with some relatively inexpensive equipment but it still sounds good. Denise just looked over my shoulder and told me not to write about the equipment but its true. We have dedicated the CD to our friend Mitch Berendzen who was killed in July 2010 just before the national Lutheran youth gathering in New Orleans—he and his wife Betty are (were) youth leaders from Honey Creek. On the album back there is a picture of all the kids’ hands that went to the gathering and they were wearing bracelets made out of the flowers at his funeral. The profits from the sales of these videos are going to the new school building project at Honey Creek. Maybe the next CD will be giving to Calvary. If you are interested in a CD just let Lolly or me know and we can get you one. WE are asking for a donation of $13 to pay for the making of the CD cover and case as well as something for the school building.

    Ralph got the first CD we sold but paid $200 for his signed copy, copy number 1.

    Just to update you. The Blessing/Consecration for the new Calvary High School building will be November 14th. Dedication will be later when we have more time to plan. We are going to try to move into and start using the school over Thanksgiving weekend. Thats a huge “Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow.” I can’t believe its happening. It still seems like we are still so far away—but its really happening. You all have been so supportive of this school from the very start, each of you in so many ways—BLESS YOU ALL!!!

    I’ll keep you all posted.. Love to all. Danny

  4. Sarah’s address is correct but she never checks it so it overflows. She said she will go into it and delete some stuff so it wont bounce new emails. She says she prefers facebook if you really want to reach her.

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