Grandma and Grandpa’s siblings

Julie sent this in earlier in the week. Can you help her out?

I am looking for information. I heard the names Aunt Yetta and Aunt Dora and such and assumed that they are Grandma’s sisters. I am embarrassed to say that I now think they were grandpa sisters!

Could someone list grandmas siblings in birth order (date of birth isn’t necessary) And Grandpa’s siblings and what mother they belong to? I am sorry to say I don’t know this. Yetta sounds familiar but maybe it’s because I watch The Nanny ! All these names Julia, Bianca, Nora, Dora… I’m getting confused!!!!

I’ll help out like I normally do by adding some numbers (isn’t Lloyd a big helper?)

Grandma’s brother’s and sisters (and their spouses?)

  1. Margaret Julianna Ehrhardt 1873 – 1962
  2. Henry Herman Ehrhardt 1876 – 1877
  3. Otto John Ehrhardt 1878 – 1952
  4. Andrew Erhardt 1880 – 1919
  5. Gustav Adolph Erhardt 1883 – 1980
  6. Theodore Julius Ehrhardt 1884 – 1953 m. Dorothea Sommerer*
  7. Bianca Margaretha Ehrhardt 1887 – 1961
  8. Ottilie Cleora Ehrhardt 1890 – 1981
  9. Eleonora Christina Erhardt 1892 – 1963
  10. Christian Nicholas Ehrhardt 1894 – 1897
  11. Theresa Appolonia Ehrhardt 1898 – 1995

Grandpa’s half brother’s and sisters (and their spouses?) Leona Rosina Ehrhardt’s children

  1. Rosina Canora b: 22 Oct. 1885 d: Mar. 1929 m. Ernest Fischer
  2. Henrietta Elisabeth b: 1 Jan. 1888 d: 23 Nov. 1973 m. William Meier

Grandpa’s brother’s and sisters (and their spouses?) Elisabeth Albrecht’s children

  1. Adolf Mathias 1892 – 1970
  2. Dorothea Katherine 1893 – 1959 m. Theodore Ehrhardt*
  3. Herbert Johan Friedrich Nov. 1895 – 1977
  4. Margaretha Christina 1898 – 1972

Most of the information from Grandpa’s side of the family is from the book The Sommerer Family by Herbert Lorenz Sommerer, published in 2001 which some of you have. I do not know how much stock to put in it’s accuracy in this list (although in general it seems to be painstakingly researched and documented) as it has grandpa listed as Mathaus Adolf and Rosina Canora listed as Canora Rosina.

The information from Grandma’s side of the family is from this website. Which has Grandpa listed correctly. There are also more specific dates available, but I was too lazy to type them all in.

*Lauren and I now have a drinking game that involves my dad using the phrase “double first cousin”.

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  1. We’ll know for sure when some smart person fills in the list, but I THINK mom was also the seventh of seven daughters. If that is the case, I (the seventh of seven daughters) should have some kind of powers too. 🙂

  2. from a previous comment I gather Grandpa’s 1/2 sisters were Yetta and Rosina. I know he had a brother named Uncle Herbert, A sister named Dora or Nora. Any others?
    I knew Grandma’s brother Uncle Gus! Then there was a Julia,Bianca,Tillie?
    I know she talked about a brother (little brother) named Christian who died as a small child.
    That’s all I know!

    • Hi Julie, I’m Sherie Krause. My dad was Herbert John Fischer, Sr. His mother was Rosina Sommerer. Her sister was Henrietta “Yetta” Elizabeth. Their mother was Leona Rosalie Ehrhardt, my great grandmother. After her death Mathais married Elizabeth Albrecht. They had 4 children: Adolph Mathias, Dorothea “Dora” Katharina, Herbert Johann, & Margaretha Christina. I have lots of info on that part of the family. If you need info on us, let me know.

  3. There were two small children who died on Grandma’s side, I don’t know their names.

    Mom, have Dad (Uncle Lloyd) tell you the names of Grandma and Grandpa’s brothers and sisters.

  4. I found the Nora and Dora that had me so confused! #9 under granndma’s siblings is Nora. And #2 under Elizabeth Albrechts children is Dora!!!

  5. Guess what! There is a girl that works with me and she sits across the the wall from my cubical. She just moved to that cube a few months ago. So I just recently got to know her better and I friended her on face book. I was looking at her pictures and she has a picture of the road in front of her house when it was covered in snow. It looked so familiar. She lists her home address on facebook. Guess what it’s on Sommerer Road!!!From the looks of it she’s towards the top of the road. I’ll have to ask it if its the blue house!!!Im not even sure if its blue anymore. If its not that one its the one next to it!!!! Isn’t that neat!

        • That house belonged to the Whittle’s when I was a child. He built the other three little houses at the top of the hill. That house is built funny because the basement is only about six feet high compared to the eight feet in the other houses. I used to play there with their granddaughter when I was a child.

  6. They had 10 children. Rosina died with her 10th, a girl named Rosina. My dad Herbert was #2. There are only two of those 10 who are still alive: Uncle Ernie #9 and Aunt Irma #5. I saw Uncle Ernie last month and he looks great.

    • I remember going with Grandma and Grandpa to visit someone who was very sick and It was one of his sisters. It was in another town. There was a young girl there and her name was Rosina.Sherie,is there a Rosina that would be currently in her mid to early 50’s? I never got to see the sick person, they were in their bedroom. But I remember playing with this girl I never saw before and never saw again!
      Thank you for laying it all out so clearly about grandpa’s brothers and sisters! Any pictures of his sisters as mature adults would be fantastic.(picture is worth 1000 words!)

      • Julie, I have a picture of all the brothers and sisters from both mothers with Mathais. I also have pictures of some of their families. I’ll scan then and load them on soon.

        Aunt Margaret Sommerer Kreisslet, Rosina’s 1/2 sister, had no children of her own, so she took baby Rosina Fischer to raise after her sister Rosa Fischer, my grandmother, died in childbirth with her 10th child.

        Aunt Margaret must have been a very caring, selfless, and loving person to have taken in her dead sister’s baby to raise and to take in and care for her father-in-law until his death at her home.

        The young girl you played with was one of the older Fischer girls. Probably Paula or Esther, because Rosina was an infant.

        The Ernest Fischer’s had 10 kids: #1 Clarence, #2 Herbert, #3 Henrietta, #4 Walter, #5 Irma, #6 Pauls, #7 Henry, #8 Esther, #9 Ernie, & #10 Rosina. The only two still living are Irma & Ernie. Irma is in her 90’s and has two daughters. Ernie was a truck driver and never married or had any kids.

      • No, I can’t think of another Rosina that would be in her 50s. Grandma Rosina’s baby daughter Rosina that Aunt Margaret raised died in her sleep in January 2001. She was 71. None of her girls were named Rosina.

      • I’m not sure whether the rules of the game require us to drink whenever anyone says “double first cousins” or just my father. If someone would care to clarify that, It would be most appreciated.

  7. BTW, whenever any of you talk about grandpa or grandma, please say who the person is. We all probably have different grandparents. I’m not sure where all of you belong yet.

    • When we say “Grandma & Grandpa” we are almost always refering to Adolf Mathias and Theresa Erhardt Sommerer. The majority of those who comment are either their children or grandchildren. But we will try to make this more clear for you and for the younger generations. Thanks!

  8. Lloyd Justin Theodore Sommerer Sr say I only have 2 double 1st cousin’s left and they are both in nursing homes.

  9. Lloyd says Christian was not her little brother. Mom was the youngest of 11 recorded kids. Her mom told her she was the youngest of 12. He supposes there was a miscarriage in there that she considered her 12th child.

    Aunt Tilly lived to 97 years also. Her name was Ottilie

  10. Had dinner last night at Joy. Albrecht brewhaus in Hamburg. I hope that is my great great great relative.

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