[Sommerer] Family Mailing List

As most of you know by now, we started a Sommerer Family Mailing List a few weeks ago. For those of you not familiar with a mailing list (sometimes called a listserv). It provides a single email address, in our case: family@sommererfamily.com, and email sent to that address is passed on to everyone on the list.

Only people who are members of the list (our family) can see who is on the list, and only members of the list (our family) can send email to family@sommererfamily.com. Any email that is sent in is first “held for moderation” to make sure that it is something that we should be sending on through the mailing list.

Our intention is to send a once a week summary of things that have been posted to the website, and any news/announcements that anyone else wants to send in. We won’t be passing on anything that is a FWD intended for the general public –just family stuff. We’re still trying to increase awareness and participation in the family website, so we might pass non-urgent (and non-confidential) news on as a blurb on the list with a link to a post on the website.

We went ahead and added everyone’s email address to the list. That’s really not the right way to go about this sort of thing. We should have sent out an announcement about the list and let you decide for yourself if you wanted to subscribe to it. But you’re family, so we didn’t bother. What we didn’t do is include anyone’s college kids (or kids in general) in the list. If you would like them to receive updates, please send in their email address.

Having said that, you are welcome to unsubscribe or change your email address or manage your account in any way you choose at this address. That link is also available under the “tools” menu at the top of the page. You will also get an email message once a month reminding you that you’re on the list and how to make any changes.

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