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Hey, lets have a new feature on the website. It has been brought to my attention that we’re a little on the wordy side. To get some more pictures on the site, we’re starting Photo Fridays. The only problem is that I have exactly 5 photos that are interesting enough to post. You’ll have to send some in if Photo Friday is going to get off the ground.

What sort of photos are we looking for? It doesn’t really matter. We’re not proud. We’ll post anything. Here are a couple to get you started. You can send more to

Cards at Grandma's house. (click to enlarge)

Needs a little explanation. (click to enlarge)

16 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Ok, in picture one, we’ve got Ralph, Mahlon, Lloyd, Danny and who else? And I agree with Lloyd Jr. where is Grandpa’s plaid shirt??

    I think I have identified a couple individuals in the second photo; can someone please name them all for me? Thank you.

    Have a great weekend everybody!!

  2. someone needs to send in the picture of my 3 boy cousins bare butts skinny dipping at the 1st waterfall. It haung in grandmas house for years. I think someone even wrote a poem for it!

      • There has been lots of enjoyment in that creek where the photo was taken. Up where the creek starts just below Lloyd’s house was a pond and the grandkids used to go there and swim and fish when there wasn’t a bull in the pen. Then down the stream just a little farther was a year round spring. Grandpa built a wooden silo (did you know Grandpa Adolph was a carpenter?)right there by the spring and that was used until the silo by the barn was built, maybe 1947. There is another spring fed creek on the north side of the house. When you follow the creek downstream you came to the big elm tree with a root across the creek. This caused a pool to form here when the water ran over the root. About four foot deep and that was the first waterfall. A little further down it ran into a bigger creek and when you followed that a little way further you came to the big waterfall.

        On the way home from school one day in February Glen Hale and I decided to go swimming – in the big pool. We waited till the girls had gone on home and we stripped naked and went in the water. That’s where we learned to swim. Mom always said don’t go near the water till you learn how to swim. You had to swim or freeze your ass off the ice was just above freezing. I know I never caused my mom a bit of worry. I always took care of myself.

  3. Uncle Mahlon says can you turn that first picture around so he can see who that guy is with his back to us…? Just name those boys since I can’t be sure.

    On the chicken dance photo nobody knew Vernon could dance.

    The old swimming hole photo – we have a copy here somewhere. The boys were Danny, Mark, and Jim in the first waterfall-photo taken by Mahlon and yes he wrote a poem too. But where is it? The search is on. Mahlon has it but he’s looking.

  4. I’m guessing Ralph was used to working in an office and didn’t need a flannel shirt. Tina is right on who is at the table.

    Chicken dance is Becky Lloyd Steve Sam Mahlon Lolly? I think Tina is behind Sam and Vernon. Not sure who Becky is holding. A little girl.
    Maybe Tiffany?

  5. Yah, right. Lloyd and Tina used to ride around in the grocery cart and people would stop and ask if they were twins. She wouldn’t be that small with Lloyd standing there. Can you see the little red wagon in the picture?

    • Thats true! Well who else could it be? Tracey was older than Tina. We should be able to figure it out sence there was a shortage of girls for a while there. ( maybe it a boy in a pink coat!)

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