Photo Friday

Aunt Cleo sent this photo in. She mailed it to me, I scanned it and mailed it back to her. If you have any photos that you’d like to share, I’d be glad to do the same with yours. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan it and email it to me too.

This photo was taken July 4th, 1970 at Honey Creek. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. Is that a smile?

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa (click to enlarge)

16 thoughts on “Photo Friday

          • I’d say it’s Felix. This pict was taken the same day as the other one that show them w their children, Grandma is in the same dress. The only person with a plaid shirt is Felix! Whoever it is their head goes above what is reflected in the window. So we cant see their head. Then a shorter person by him.

  1. Pete said Grandpa always stuck out his tongue whenever someone took his picture….maybe the picture taker was trying to be quick before he got the chance to stick it out!

    • Sorry, but that cracked me up…..we work on a great site and do all kinds of interesting things, and he will only look at the site because Aunt Cleo called him? Aunt Cleo, call your brother every day, apparently he listens to you!

  2. what are their ages in this picture? Look how big and strong his arms are!
    Looks like he’s holding back a smile and giving a “knowing” look.(or a warning look)

    • If the date of the photo is correct, Grandma was 72 and Grandpa was 78….I just looked to make sure I had Grandpa’s age correct….he died in November of 1970…hard to believe he looked that good only a few months before he died.

      • He had heart disease…they call it the silent killer. He probably should have been on blood pressure medcine. They didnt know so much about it back then.
        I remember Grandma saying the evening before he died they pulled out old picture and were looking at them and reflected on their life and that he had remarked what a good life they had had together. He slept on the couch because he wasnt feeling good … when she woke up and came in there he was gone. Hands folded over his chest looking perfectly peaceful. That was a wonderful thought to leave her with!
        By the way… she slept on that very couch for years until it was falling apart and was haulled off. Even when she got a new couch she wouldnt sleep in her bed. She slept on the new couch.
        I know someone who’s husband died in their bed and she wouldnt sleep in it and haulled it to the dump. Grandma slept on the couch even though, or maybe because he died on it. To each his own!

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