Johann Mathias Sommerer, Jr & Elisabeth Albrect married

On April 22, 1890 Johann Mathias Sommerer, Jr and Elisabeth Albrect (Grandpa’s Mom and Dad) were married. This was Johann Mathias’ second marriage.  His first wife, Leona Ehrhardt died 5 months earlier.

Wedding Picture?

Wedding Picture? (click to enlarge)

The picture of Grandpa’s father and mother came from Pearl Ehrhardt Carrender.  She was kind enough to let me copy it this past spring.

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  1. Does anyone know which church they were married in? I think Mom’s mom and dad were married at Zion. I’d appreciate knowing where Daddy’s mom and dad were married also.

    • If you look behind the people, you can see that the wall is directly behind them and there is a chair rail about mid thigh hight…..the thing on the right would have to be a mural on the wall because there is no depth to the room.

  2. I have a question – not knowing the history like others in the family. Were there children from the first marriage? 5 months seems like a very quick turn around and I am wondering if there were children that needed a mother. Or if there is more to the story. I am just curious now…

    • Dear Family, I hope i get this right. here goes. Leona R Ehrhardt born Jan. 16 1864 in Cole County Mo daughter of Johann Adam Erhardt and Lydia Eggers. She was married April 10,1884 to Mathias Sommerer in Cole County Mo. Leona died Dec. 8, 1889, Their children were Aunt Rosina born 1885 and Aunt Yetta born 1888

  3. Wow the youngest was under 1 year old. I’d say they needed a mother!
    Now… does grandma have a sister named Yetta also? There’s a Dora on one side and a Nora on the other… right?
    And what are the names then of the children from the 2nd marriage?
    Grandpa, of course, uncle Herbert a Nora or Dora is that all then?

  4. Hi Sommerers, I’m the granddaughter of Rosina Canora Sommerer, Johann Mathias Sommerer’s first born. Her only full sibling was Henrietta “Yetta” Sommerer. My dad was Rosina’s 2nd born Herbert John Fischer, Sr. It might be of interest to you that several years ago my son Evan had a blood clot in his leg. It was diagnosed as “Protein C Deficiency”, which is a blood clotting disorder and is genetic. I was tested for it and was diagnosed with it as well. In 2004 I had blood clots in both legs and a lung. We believe that my dad had the disorder (he died suddenly in 1965 of what we believe to be a blood clot when he was 57). Since Rosina died after giving birth to her 10th child, we believe she had the disorder, and since her mother Leona Ehrhardt died after her 2nd child, we believe that it came down from her. That would not effect any of you who are Adolph’s decencents, however. I located a cousin who is decended from Leona and she had a blood clot episode about the same time I did. Just thought you might find this intersting.

    • Sherie this information is good for us to know. I remember after Julie was born Father being in bed with a blood clot on his leg.There are others in the family who can speak on this subject better then I can. Julie was born in October and I went back to work in late November. Mother and father took care of Julie for a number of weeks until Mrs Branson and Jo started babysitting for me.I remember Father being in bed with Julie in the bassinet next to him and he cared for her while mother was doing her chores milking, working on the tobacco and whatever.We also carry the same Erhardt blood as you. Only Leona mothers blood would be different.

  5. Ok, I have a question? Does Uncle Herbert’s stroke at a young age have anything to do with this or would it be a different thing? Was he younger than 50 when it happened? Seems we figured it up once and he was pretty young? Food for thought, Elizabeth did not remember that Adolph had the blood clot when someone in her family had one.

    • Elizabeth was living in Washington DC at the time. I am sure she knew it and was just having a memory lapse. Uncle Herbert would have been close to 50. Isn’t that a good time for a man to have a stroke.I would like to know from Sherie what can be have done to prevent this.

  6. Uncle Herbert’s stroke was during the second world war since the family put their gas stamps together to get to St Louis to pick him up.

    When was he born? I can’t remember?

    • Uncle Herbert was born 1895 according to the 1900 census. Aunt Margaret was born the same year as mother 1898 in the same census

  7. I can’t stop thinking Ian looks so much like Johann! Does anyone know how tall Johann or Adolph were in their prime? Wish Dad could chime in and play pin the story on the person.

  8. It is interesting to see the common traits from the gene pool scattered throughout the family. Albrechts, Sommerers,Erhart,Beck. I see my grandpa as a young man in Aunt Naomi’s boys. Funny how most of the Sommerer side is dark haired and dark eyes and Aunt Lolly’s grandchildren (who have sommerer genes on both sides) are mostly blonds! ha God reaches back in the gene pool to get a pinch of this and a dash of that and knits us together in our mothers womb. We are our ancestors,

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