How we’re doing? (part 1)

Mary Jane Piazza sent me an email recently and asked how the we were doing with Ye Olde Family Website. I realize that this sort of post isn’t interesting to everyone, but since the people who are interested don’t really have any way to know these things unless I post about them, I’m going to go ahead anyway. If you’re not interested, feel free to give this post a miss. Mary Jane was asking about the stats and such, and that’s a pretty good way to judge how well a website is doing, but usually doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you just look at the stats for our site here, I think we’re doing relatively well for being online for just a little over two months. For the month of August the website stats looked like this:

We had 1,231 Unique visitors. That number is probably a little inflated because some of us access the website from two or more computers, and it’s really counting the number of different computers that come to the website and not the number of different people.

Those visitors came to the site 3,145 times in August. Most of the 1,231 people who came to the site came once because they searched for something and our site came up. They may or may not have found what they were looking for and left. But some people came 31 times in August too.

They looked at 16,667 pages while they were here. That’s 5.29 pages per visit, and that’s really a pretty good number. For comparison, people who come to average 4.38 pages per visit, people who come to my church’s website average 4.57 pages per visit and people who come to our school website average 9.41 pages per visit (maybe it’s too hard for them to find what they need on the school website).

But the top 25 people who looked at the website accounted for a about 4900 of those pages, and I have to think that most of those people are members of the family.

Most of the people who viewed the website in August were from the USA, but there were 349 pages viewed from Spain, 168 from Japan, 132 from Canada, 128 from Netherlands, 107 from Ukraine, 87 from Germany, 74 from Great Britain and roughly 60 other countries represented. Only one visitor was recorded from Bangladesh. Come on Bangladesh.

The busiest day of the week for us is Sunday which is interesting because we never post anything new on Sunday. The slowest day of the week is Saturday. We get roughly twice as many page views on Sunday (720) as we do on Saturday (390). We also get more hits from 8-9pm than any other time.

The home page gets the most hits (as you might expect). After that, the most viewed posts are: Memories of Grandma’s House, The Big Game, Aunt Naomi’s Home Movies and, oddly enough, Taking Care of Vernon.

So, that’s how we’re doing.

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  1. I am in the category of the “folks who will find this interesting.” Come on… someone from Bangladesh visited our site? Who can’t find that interesting! I am simply amazed that our family page has gotten hits from ALL OVER THE WORLD! When Katie goes to Italy for classes next semester we should be able to get hits from that country too. Amazing!

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