7 thoughts on “Float Trip 2011

  1. Boy, it has been awhile since we’ve done one of those. I was along for one the year before Sam and I got married – that would make it the summer of 1995. I think it would be a blast. Before or after? I see pros and cons on both sides. If you do it before, water levels would be up and the temps might not be as hot, tends to rain more before. If you do it afterward, temps are warmer, water levels are typically lower, but more sun. I think it would need to be still in July or VERY early august because teachers tend to be back in meetings by the second week in August. I like to camp and love water. You would have to convince Sam…

  2. Are you thinking one of the “extended float trips” that we’ve done in the past where we camp before and/or after? Or are you thinking a single day type of float trip?

  3. I am thinking that is a good question for the next post about the float trip…..right now, let’s look at the best time. I am thinking after 4th of July because there is less possiblity of a rain out…..and more sun!
    Rachel – you can float with Aaron, leave Sam at home if he doesn’t like to float!Ha!

  4. im really excited for this… i would personally like to go before just because it normally isnt as hot, but im good with either:)

  5. I’d like to do it after. Around here the beginning of June is not always swimsuit weather yet,still kinda cool sometimes. I’ll do whatever suits everybody else. Be sure to go to a place that rents rafts! (I dont do canoes anymore)

  6. Yeah, a float trip. Pete and I went on one last summer with a couple and their kids. We had a blast except for the tent and a little rain..I need a new air matress or a bigger tent!!! Maybe Pete and I need to loose a little weight too. Riverfront or Hoozah are both good places and our vote is after reunion too.

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