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A while back, my dad came up for a visit, and he brought with him the book, The Sommerer Family that many of you probably saw at the family reunion some years ago. He spent more or less equal amounts of time looking through it and complaining about it while he was here.

It doesn’t actually have  a whole lot of information about our side of the family (roughly a dozen pages out of 250). Most of it is about Uncle Ralph’s side of the family. But there was enough information for me to get a little interested and to sign up at for a month.

Anyway, I put together a page like our Family Members page, but going the other direction. You can find it in the “tools” menu at the top of the page. The page is called Ancestors.

15 thoughts on “Ancestors page now available

  1. Okay, someone look at that and tell me how Corey (Curt or Gail) Duenckel is related to me. Is he, like a “third cousin removed once and pushed a little to the left” or something like that?

    • I believe that Lolly is right. That is about the only way that you could be directly related to him. I went into marriages and couldn’t find this marriage between our grandfather and Rosina Duenkel. It should have been there because we know he married the daughter of the man who gave him the 10 cents to help him cross the Moreau river. I have to go back and check again. I am sure Lolly is right. Lolly I enjoy your articles please write more.

  2. He could be related to you through the Becks or the Engelbrechts or the Meiers or the Popps of schmidts or Gerlings, or Hoffmans,or Somebody named Gundelfinger but how are you related to those people.Sorry I’m no help. I dont think you are related to him.

  3. most people didn’t notice because they could just click the link through the e-mail to get to the page…..but thanks for fixing it Lloyd!

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